Civil Politics Patreon is Live!

Hey everyone! Your dutiful producer here. After a lot of thought, We are pleased to announce that Civil Politics has launched a Patreon! We want to start to grow the show, particularly making improvements to our website and audio archives.

Why should you become a patron? Because we will start to release exclusive content to our patron listeners on a regular basis. Short conversations, just like the bonus episode we released about the cameras downtown:

Civil Politics Short (9/15/17): Resolution Northampton

These shorts will be on different topics – some relevant to current events, some just on something we find interesting. Some on topics that we were going to talk about before we ran out of time. But anyone who supports us at the $5 level will be able to listen to them. Other patrons will be able to suggest topics for us to cover, in these shorts or on the main show. Or you could support us for as little as $1 a month. Every little bit helps!

And just to be absolutely clear – Civil Politics will ALWAYS be free for anyone to listen to, share, and enjoy. We will never put the show behind any sort of wall, no matter what. That’s a promise.

If you enjoy Civil Politics online, if you’ve ever visted our site and said “man its hard to find what i’m looking for here, if you’ve ever wondered what the panel thinks about a particular subject, please take the time to take a look at our Patreon page!


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