As Heard On Civil Politics (12/5/14)

Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Found Unfit in Previous Police Job:

Full Discussion with, PBS Newshour with Hari Sreenvasan, 11/14/14:

Definition of a Presidential Action vs Order: Presidents define situations or conditions on situations that become legal or economic truth. These orders carry the same force of law as executive orders — the difference between the two is that executive orders are aimed at those inside government while proclamations are aimed at those outside government.

Wal-Mart’s employees on welfare:

As Heard on Civil Politics, 11/28/2014

Scalia’s opinion on the Ferguson grand jury process:

One of the prosecutors mistakenly gave the grand jury incorrect information during their process:

Trayvon Martin’s Unpunished Shooting Death Among 100+ Extrajudicial Killings of Unarmed Blacks:

Man runs car through Ferguson Protest: