Civil Politics (10/30/15):

Unfortunately there was a technical error and we had no recording for this episode

A discussion of the SNAP program and healthcare start us off in the first half, moving to Paul Ryan’s ascension to Speaker of the House.

In the second half we focus on the Republican Debate that was aired on CNBC on Wednesday, Oct 28th.

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Vote vote vote 2015

Election day for 2015 is coming up in 11 days.  There aren’t any statewide offices or voter initiatives to consider this year, but there are races for school committee, city council, mayor, and other local offices in many communities.  Find out what’s going on in your town, and get out to vote on Tuesday after next, November 3rd.

Of course, you can’t vote if you aren’t enrolled, so all of us here at Civil Politics urge you to register ASAP.   It’s quite simple if you live here in Massachusetts, especially if you have a driver’s license.  You can register at any RMV office, by mail, or with an online form at the secretary of state’s website.

Even if you are registered to vote, that website has lots of helpful information, and in particular, they have an easy to use online form to check on your registration status.  All you need is your name, date of birth, and zip code, and if you are currently registered, it will pop up with a detailed list of where your polling place is, all the state and federal elected officials you can vote for (with links to their websites).  You should definitely take a moment to double check that you haven’t slipped through the cracks.

Remember: you’re going to have to live with the results whether you vote or not, so take action for the world you want.


Civil Politics (10/2/2015): A Face-palm of Humans

The Panel speaks about the shootings in Oregon, and the response from different politicians. We also speak about the House hearing with the president of Planned Parenthood, voting rights, and we try to figure out whats wrong in the world.

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