Civil Politics Supplemental (11/3/20): VFR Election Night Special 2020

A VFR Election Night 2020 extravaganza! a 3 hour broadcast hosted by members of WXOJ’s weekly political shows!

Civil Politics: Janra Roberts, Sue Timberlake, Michael
Occupy the Airwaves: Stephen Linsky, Paki Weiland, Bob Gardner, Bruce Miller, Emikan Sudan

Occupy the Airwaves airs on WXOJ-LP 103.3FM every Sunday at 10am!

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Civil Politics Supplemental (4/29/20): How COVID19 has Changed Campaigning

In this Supplemental, we were able to speak to Jeanné Lewis about how the pandemic has affected her campaign for At-Large City Councillor. You can find her socials below! | Twitter: @msjeannelewis | Facebook: |IG:  @msjeannelewis

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Civil Politics Supplemental (1/13/20): Interview With Jeanné Lewis

Over the holiday break I was able to interview Jeanné Lewis, who is running for At-Large Councilor in Washington, DC! I had a great time talking to her, especially about how our national politics affects the people of the District locally. If you want to know more about Jeanné check out the links below:

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Civil Politics Supplemental (8/9/19): Missing the Point

Janra and Mike talk about the phenomenon of terrible people loving shows that espouse the virtues of unity and inclusiveness.

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