Civil Politics (2/26/16): The Model of a Modern Major Primary

Topics covered tonight: the first half includes the benefits of the Primary vs. the Caucus model of election and how the parties will act in the upcoming SCOTUS nomination. During the second half we spend time

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Civil Politics (7/10/15): Security, Cyber and Economic

Unfortunately there was no recording of this show! If you’d like to hear more about cybersecurity, check out our show from earlier this year

The panel speaks on cybersecurity, national and international economics, and updates from South Carolina.

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The number of federal employees by year since 1962:

Civil Politics (1/30/15): Does Cybersecurity Really Exist?

The panel discusses protecting your privacy on electronics, the internet, and the chip that the government will eventually insert in your forearm.

We also speak on some current events, drunken drone flying, a wonderful graphic novel named The March, by John Lewis (