Civil Politics (7/10/15): Security, Cyber and Economic

Unfortunately there was no recording of this show! If you’d like to hear more about cybersecurity, check out our show from earlier this year

The panel speaks on cybersecurity, national and international economics, and updates from South Carolina.

Further Reading:

The number of federal employees by year since 1962:

Civil Politics (3/20/15): Our Foreign Friends

We return to speaking about foreign policy and politics.

As mentioned on this episode:
A list of the 47 Senators who signed the letter to Iran:
President sends message to Iran:
Israelis want an investigation of US funds in election:

Civil Politics (3/6/15): Conflicts, National and Local

The panel discusses the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to the joint session of congress, and then the systemic racism that pervades the Ferguson Police Department.

Further Reading:
Slate article about Netanyahu’s speech:

Eric Holder speaking about the DOJ report about the Ferguson Dept:

I Was Alabama’s Top Judge. I’m Ashamed by What I Had to Do to Get There: