Civil Politics (1/29/15): No Matter What the Evidence…

The show kicks off with a spirited debate over who will drop out first and why people in fact run and remain running for the high office. In the second half we speak about how we use our water, who can and can’t use it, and why we can’t use it in certain ways. Then we move on to… well a grab bag of happy news. (not really happy news)

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Civil Politics (12/18/15): The George Awakens

On this episode of Civil Politics, the panel welcomes George Claxton back from his hiatus, and we come to terms with a year of unprecedented gun violence in the United States. Also, in the aftermath of the latest GOP debate in Nevada, we once again discuss the presidential primary races and try to guess where they might be headed.

Civil Politics (11/13/15): The Democratic Process Through Eductaion

We speak about the protests at University of Missouri, the whys of hate speech, TPP and the Republican debate.

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