Civil Politics (7/22/16): Turkey in Peril

Unfortunately we lost the recording for this episode… but here are the links for your reading pleasure.

Further Reading:

Turkey coup attempt: State of emergency announced

The Turkish president wants Washington to send 75-year-old Fethullah Gulen back home to face trial

Syrian children hold Pokemon pictures in the hope people will find them and save them

Pants on fire: Man ignites himself while burning American flag outside RNC

Philadelphia airport workers plan to strike during DNC

Buchanan’s 1992 Republican National Convention Speech

Vanilla nice: Signs point to Kaine as Clinton’s VP choice

Trump Son-In-Law Blocking Christie VP Bid

Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck

A Texas Prosecutor Jailed a Rape Victim

Trump in the WWE Hallf of Fame

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