Civil Politics (7/22/16): Turkey in Peril

Unfortunately we lost the recording for this episode… but here are the links for your reading pleasure.

Further Reading:

Turkey coup attempt: State of emergency announced

The Turkish president wants Washington to send 75-year-old Fethullah Gulen back home to face trial

Syrian children hold Pokemon pictures in the hope people will find them and save them

Pants on fire: Man ignites himself while burning American flag outside RNC

Philadelphia airport workers plan to strike during DNC

Buchanan’s 1992 Republican National Convention Speech

Vanilla nice: Signs point to Kaine as Clinton’s VP choice

Trump Son-In-Law Blocking Christie VP Bid

Cop shoots caretaker of autistic man playing in the street with toy truck

A Texas Prosecutor Jailed a Rape Victim

Trump in the WWE Hallf of Fame

Civil Politics (10/30/15):

Unfortunately there was a technical error and we had no recording for this episode

A discussion of the SNAP program and healthcare start us off in the first half, moving to Paul Ryan’s ascension to Speaker of the House.

In the second half we focus on the Republican Debate that was aired on CNBC on Wednesday, Oct 28th.

Further Reading:

SNAP Costs Declining, Expected to Fall Much Further
Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich
The Overton Window