Civil Politics (2/11/22): Inflation Complications

Further Reading:

Masked intruder threatens Massachusetts Republican Party staffers at headquarters –

Romney says he texted with niece McDaniel after RNC censure –

Ford, Toyota halt some output as U.S., Canada warn on trucker protests –

The anti-vaxx Canadian truckers want to talk to you about Bitcoin –

Freedom Convoy 2022 (Wikipedia) –

The Jobs Report Was Misleading Us All Last Year –

Biden warns Americans in Ukraine to leave, says sending troops to evacuate would be ‘world war’ –

Bill that would give the U.S. Postal Service a major overhaul moves to the Senate –

House passes stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown –

Beatty: Rogers’ public apology for crude comment followed maskless, ‘mumbled’ floor exchange –

Beginning Music: Glenn Gould – Goldberg Variation #5
Ending Music: Electronic – Getting Away With it (Instrumental)

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