Civil Politics (9/30/22): Election Spotlight (Governor’s Council): John Comerford

This week we welcomed John Comerford, the Republican candidate for the Governor’s Council seat for District 8.

Facebook: comerford4govcouncil

Republican John Comerford announces bid for Governor’s Council –

Judge Shelley Joseph: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know –

Feds drop case against Newton judge charged in immigrant’s escape –

Iran protests over young woman’s death continue, 83 said killed –

In a big Jan. 6 case, Oath Keepers go on trial for seditious conspiracy –

‘Reason to worry’: Italy’s Meloni holds a mirror to Trump’s GOP –

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson speaks at Hells Angels president’s funeral –

US points finger at Russia over gas pipeline sabotage –

Occupied regions of Ukraine vote to join Russia in staged referendums –

Webb, Hubble Capture Detailed Views of DART Impact –

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