Civil Politics (7/7/23): Dizzy Decisions

Further Reading:

Prigozhin’s coup attempt unleashes chaos on Russia –

Earth reaches hottest day ever recorded 3 days in a row –

Cocaine found in the White House was in a different location than previously reported, sources say –

Supreme Court rules against North Carolina Republicans over election law theory –

Justices throw out Colorado man’s stalking conviction in First Amendment dispute –

The Major Supreme Court Decisions in 2023 –

Supreme Court strikes down Biden student-loan forgiveness program –

Justices rule in favor of evangelical Christian postal worker –

Supreme Court curtails Clean Water Act –

Supreme Court upholds Section 2 of Voting Rights Act –

Supreme Court rules 5-4 against Navajo Nation in water rights dispute –

Supreme Court upholds Indian Child Welfare Act –

Activists spurred by affirmative action ruling challenge legacy admissions at Harvard –

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