Civil Politics (4/12/24): Oxford Comma

Further Reading:

Kelly vetoes Kansas ban on gender transition surgery, hormone therapy for trans youth – LINK

Florida’s abortion fight is headed to voters after court allows for a 6-week ban – LINK

Arizona’s Supreme Court reinstated a near-total abortion ban enacted in 1864. Here’s what you should know. – LINK

Arizona’s near-total abortion ban supercharges politics in battleground state – LINK

Anti-abortion groups eye challenge if Florida voters approves ballot measure – LINK

Second woman says Ga. Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for abortion – LINK

Lawsuit challenging Indiana abortion ban survives a state challenge – LINK

The book of Dow : genealogical memoirs of the descendents of Henry Dow 1637, Thomas Dow 1639 and others of the name, immigrants to America during colonial times, also the allied family of Nudd –

It’s really hard to change Electoral College rules – LINK

US does not expect to be drawn into war but predicts attack by Iran against Israel – LINK

Mexico calls on the International Court of Justice to expel Ecuador from UN – LINK

US approves sending F-16s to Ukraine from Denmark and Netherlands – LINK

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

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